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'Spring Tide Paraffin Candles

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Spring Tide blessings ~ we are offering 2 Spring Tide scents from WV Studios handcrafted candle release~ 

 Earth Keeper~ with the fresh scents of greenery, earth, light floral and budding branches. To honor our Mother Goddess in all her Green forms. To connect to the abundance, wealth and fertility of the land and planet. To tune into the vibration of Gaia. Color is clear with streaks of green and yellow. Herbs of rose and frankincense embellish. 

Spring Equinox ~ Scents of moist soil, dark amber and deep earth roots to celebrate the birthing of Spring in balance and abundance. To honor the courtship of the Seed and the Sun. Color is spring green. Herbs of hawthorn berries embellish. 

 The candles are created with highly refined paraffin wax, herbs, crystals and cosmetic grade fragrance oils. 14 oz of wax at 3" tall and 2.5" wide.

These pillars have an approx. burning time of 60+ hours. They need to be placed on a heat proof plate or candle holder to protect surface. Candle colors may vary slightly due to natural crafting effects. By following all candle instructions you can avoid any spillage ensuring a longer burn times. Colors/appearances will vary due to natural processing crafting effects.

Remove all tags before lighting candles. Never leave candles burning unattended, keep from pets and children. Follow all precautions when burning candles~ not doing so could cause fire or injuries. 

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