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~Autumn Tide Pillar Candles~

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Crafted for your Spiritual and mundane enjoyment ~ these pillars are crafted with herbs and stones added with intention, corresponding scents and color vibrations. Crafted by the correct moon phase and blessed upon our Heirloom Altar at Ravenwyck~ always handcrafted with enchantments~

The candles are created with highly refined paraffin wax, herbs, stones and cosmetic grade fragrance oils. 14 oz of wax at 3" tall and 2.5" wide.

Currently available~ $18.00 each retail ~ wholesale available upon request. 

 Witches Potion~ the haunting scent of warm fresh earth, cloves and patchouli~ a scent that teases of a damp musky cottage in the woods inhabited by the Old Crone conjuring and casting into the night in a early Autumn eve. A scent that stimulates the mind to vision quest through powerful meditation. Herbs of Mugwort and clove embellish. Color is grey black. 

 Witches & Warlocks~ A leathery, sensual and dark scent. Imagine a beautiful Witch and her consort Warlock conjuring spells deep in the Woodland temple. A candle to align you with your inner Witch and Warlock. Quartz crystals are added for magical enchantments! Color is dark purple.

Autumn Spirit~ this 2 toned candle brings the best of Autumn scents together~ the red bottom scent is crisp spiced cider, autumn wine and ripe apples~ the top orange is everyone's favorite pumpkin spice & pumpkin creme pie! A most wonderful combination for the Fall celebration before us. Embellished with dried rowan berries.

Pumpkin King~  a favorite for everyone! The scent is a blend of creamy spiced pumpkin, warm pumpkin pie and moist earth scent! If you love Pumpkin scented everything,  you'll love this one, think of enjoying warm pumpkin pie whilst sitting in a old apple orchard on a Autumn evening after a rainfall which has moistened the fallen leaves... the scent is amazing. Embellished with dried pumpkin seeds and cloves! Color is pumpkin orange.

  These pillars have an approx. burning time of 60+ hours. They need to be placed on a heat proof plate or candle holder to protect surface. Candle colors may vary slightly due to natural crafting effects. By following all candle instructions you can avoid any spillage ensuring a longer burn times. Colors/appearances will vary due to natural processing crafting effects.

Remove all tags before lighting candles. Never leave candles burning unattended, keep from pets and children. Follow all precautions when burning candles~ not doing so could cause fire or injuries. 

There will be leftover wax for you to continue to enjoy, just carefully break wax into smaller pieces and place in a wax melt pot or wax warmer! 

Custom fragrances and candles are available for your gathering, wedding, ceremony or just to add to your home or garden decor~ Summon us at WVS_NaturesElements@aol.com

 May Blessings be with you🌙 ~~~~ Always handcrafted with Enchantment by Madame Áine~